Turkish daily HABERTÜRK hits the top in its first year

For the first time ever a Turkish newspaper placed amongst the bests of the world. Competing with The Guardian, Times, Financial Times for British Press Awards for newspapers for the year 2010, daily HABERTÜRK was praised as “It should be a model for British with its diversity and quality.” While German Welt am Sonntag ranked the first in international newspapers category, HABERTÜRK was awarded with honorable mention.

27 Nisan 2010 Salı, 18:08:48Güncelleme: 18:08:48
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Turkish daily HABERTÜRK hits the top in its first year Sonra Oku

Turkish daily HABERTÜRK claimed the honorable mention of the prominent British Press Awards in the category of International Newspaper of the year 2010. Habertürk’s success was pointed as remarkable at the night Europe’s leading newspapers were awarded.

It has been 14 months since HABERTÜRK Newspaper took its place on the shelves. The launch day counters of our rivals show 10 or 20 thousand days, while HABERTÜRK’s is only at 420. Within these 420 days, however, you know “Habertürk journalists” claimed various awards by many organizations of the profession including Turkish Journalists’ Association, or TGC; The Turkish Sports Writers Association, or TSYD and Economy Journalists Association, or EGD.

Yet on April 21, Habertürk achieved an international success claiming the Honorable Mention Award as the Best Newspaper in international newspapers category. Among much older, leading newspapers of the world, before 500 prominent names of the British media at an Oscar-like ceremony Habertürk was announced among the winning three world papers.

Habertürk thanks to it’s a hundred million readers, promising to continue independent journalism in an age journalism is said to be dead in developed countries.