30 MART 2017

A Turkish court ruled Dinç Bilgin and Önay Bilgin had cast aspersions on Turkish businessman Turgay Ciner and Ciner Media Holding’s Media Group Coordinator Kenan Tekdağ by using legally invalid documents.

The court sentenced the father and son Bilgins with 10 months of imprisonment for charges of perverting the course of justice.

Lawyer Zuhal Dönmezer Çakıroğlu attended the hearing on behalf of Ciner and Tekdağ at the Şişli 9th Criminal Court of First Instance in Istanbul. Prosecutor Erol Demritaş demanded the conviction of perpetrators Dinç and Önay Bilgin.

Judge Hilmi Aslan, in line with prosecutor’s deliberation, determined the perpetrators’ unlawful legal acts of accusing Turgay Ciner and Kenan Tekdağ of fraudulent by using legally invalid documents constitutes felony of malicious prosecution.

The verdict of the court proved the falsity of the documents, which Dinç Bilgin submitted to the state debt and bankruptcy agency Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, or TMSF.

On the other hand the court also legally fixed and registered that two protocols, which father Bilgin denied were real and existent and both had Bilgins’ signatures on.

Meanwhile, there are other ongoing cases against Dinç and Önay Bilgin. The 6th Criminal Court of First Instance in Istanbul sentenced son Bilgin to six years of imprisonment for charges of having almost 70 heavy arms in his possession at his house. The verdict is currently under the Supreme Court probe.

Both Bilgins are also accused of siphoning a Turkish bank, Etibank, off. The prosecutor of Etibank case demanded 16-year imprisonment of both names for charges were proved. The verdict of the court is expected in the hearing due on July 27.


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