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        Haberler Ekonomi Borsa Borsa günü düşüşle tamamladı - Borsa Haberleri

        While the BIST 100 index decreased by 1.436.06 points compared to the previous close, the total transaction volume was realized as 7.2 billion TL. Banking index decreased by 0.97 percent and holding index decreased by 1.14 percent. Among the sector indexes, finance leasing factoring was the biggest contributor with 5.15 percent, and the metal industry was the most declining with 3.12 percent.

        The BIST 100 index, which declined to 101.419.87 points due to the depreciation of the world's stock exchanges and the sharp rise in exchange rates, has been stabilized below 102,000 points.


        In the day, the dollar / TL was at 4.9282, the euro / TL 5.7686 and the pound / TL at 6.5965 all the time

        Analysts said the minutes of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting to be announced will follow and that the data flow will remain calm tomorrow in the country, growth in Germany will be followed by intense data gathering, especially in the second hand home sales in the US brought.

        Analysts said that if the BIST 100 index is above 103,000 in terms of technical retention, then 105,500 could be on the agenda and 101,000 points are in support.

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